JOS-GUN (just one shoot)

Wood spear Gun

This site has for objective to present you my creations You will discover a know-how there, l together proposed products and you can obtain more information on me and contact me.

Creation, effective, well-balanced and economic wooden, simple submarine construction of rifle of sin

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Quality and guaranteed

Every rifle is unique(only), they are not "férraris" but jeeps and wanting to keep(guard) an acceptable production cost, I recognize that the finish is perfectible .Pointilleux, unfortunately these rifles are not made for you and there is for it many d other creators certainly more talented than me to polish up the wood.

      On the other hand, collages(stickings) and handle(handful) are guaranteed one year, return on the other hand has load(responsibility) of l buyer


Safety(Security) and accident

Here are some not exhaustive recommendations:

A rifle never has to be in charge(be loaded) outside l water

Once loaded(charged), he must be never positioned face has a natural person with the safety(security) committed(hired)

Always load(charge), the rifle with thick gloves


Jos-gun is a mark(brand) put down(deposited) as well as all these models of rifles which are Mr Eric Vincent's property creator / designer